May 2019 - First Call for Proposals

The Integrated Rural Development Programme attracts nongovernmental and civil society organizations in Kyrgyzstan to promote agriculture and tourism value chains in the region of Jalal-Abad.

The Integrated Rural Development Programme awards grants for implementing actions that contribute to improving income opportunities for the rural population in Jalal-Abad region in Kyrgyzstan. Throughout its duration, the programme announces several calls for proposals targeting the development of value chains in agriculture and tourism, and supporting local economic development through strengthening the public-private dialogue. Civil society and non-governmental organizations, including non-profit cooperatives, and international non-governmental organisations registered in Kyrgyzstan or in the European Union or in the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) member states are eligible for participation. The applicants may form a consortium of one lead and several co-applicant organizations. The lead applicant or a co-applicant may be the co-applicant in more than one application.

The Programme is jointly funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the European Union (EU) and makes available the budget of 5.000.000 Euro for calls for proposals over the period of about 3,5 years. The awarded grants will range from a minimum of 30.000 Euro to a maximum of 250.000 Euro per contract.

For calls launched and awarded in 2019, 2.500.000 Euro are available. In May 2019, the programme announces its first Call for Proposals, which targets agricultural and tourism value chains as follows:

  • In agriculture to support producers and producer groups to join forces for economic activities along agricultural value chains and carry out their capacity building. Also, to support service providers as important parts of the value chains, thus, establish sustainable business models around value chains for the future. Applicants are expected to facilitate and carry out training for advisory services and temporarily manage the project investments.
  • In tourism to support tourism service providers within the tourism value chains to improve current and develop new services / touristic packages to improve the competitiveness of the sector. Also, to support tourism networks and marketing. Applicants are expected to facilitate and carry out trainings and involve local self-governments to create a favorable environment for tourism development.
  • The First Call for Proposals targets seven areas for development in both agriculture and tourism sectors, which are divided by the following lots.

  • Tourism Lot Quality and Competitiveness of Tourism
  • Tourism Lot 2 Diversification and Development of Tourism Products
  • Tourism Lot 3 Enabling Tourism Environment
  • Agriculture Lot 4 Onion Value Chain for Export
  • Agriculture Lot 5/6 Wheat and Barley Value Chain on Rain-fed Arable Land
  • Agriculture Lot 7 Organic Cotton Value Chain
  • Agriculture Lot 8/9 Maize Value Chain
  • The lots as defined in the table are not binding: Applicants may bring in own ideas for value chains but need to show that these will have at least the same impact as the predefined lots. Applicants may apply for more than one lot, however, maximum of two grant contracts may be received by the same lead applicant for lots with different contents. Contract duration per each project selected as a result of the call may range from a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 36 months.

    The first call was initially announced via press and well-known webpages. Interested organizations have been asked to register by sending an Expression of Interest, shortly indicating in which lot the applicant would like to participate. Basic information about the applicant was requested to assess whether the applicant was eligible or not. This is to be done to avoid work input into a full application if an applicant was not eligible.

    More information on registration is available at href="">

    Thereafter, registered applicants have been invited to an information session where they could address questions regarding the application procedures and rules.

    Filled applications must be submitted in a sealed envelope by registered mail, private courier service or by hand-delivery (a signed and dated certificate of receipt will be given to the deliverer) at the address below before 4 PM on 7 June 2019.

    Integrated Rural Development Programme

    Isanov street 105

    71001 Bishkek


    The full package of documents for applying to the First Call for Proposals is available to download bellow: